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Bubble Art

Bubble Art

This Bubble Art activity is another easy and engaging way to use bubbles with your kiddo, with a beautiful finished product!


  • Liquid Watercolor Paint
  • Small Cups or Silicone Cupcake Liner
  • Container with soap water
  • Straw


  1. Put a little liquid watercolor paint into small cups 
  2. Add some soapy water
  3. Let your little one blow through a straw to create the bubbles
  4. Place a piece of paper on top! 
  5. Lift the paper to reveal your artwork

This fun activity is a great way to work on sequencing, following directions, and describing actions. Blowing through straws promotes regulation and can help to calm busy bodies!

Parent supervision recommended. If you are concerned about your kiddo drinking the water you can use bubble wands to blow the paint.

Perform activities recommended by Walk, Talk, Play at your own risk with appropriate adult supervision provided. Walk, Talk, Play is not responsible for any injury caused while performing these play activities. 

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