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Save the Animals Fun Arctic Sensory Bin | KidsPlayTricks Highlight

Save the Animals Fun Arctic Sensory Bin | KidsPlayTricks Highlight

We dove into the Arctic Unit of the At-Home Preschool Curriculum by KidsPlayTricks and wanted to highlight this fun arctic sensory bin we did! We had fun rescuing the arctic animals, playing with the water beads, and matching the animal figurines with cute printables.

This at home curriculum is packed with ideas for play-based learning fun. To get 10% off of this curriculum click here.


This bin requires a little bit of prep, so plan ahead. Your kiddo can participate in the prepping as well! Place animals in molds and fill with water. We used a drop of blue food coloring in each, too. Soak water beads overnight (follow instructions on package).

For ice breaking/melting we used rock salt, as well as warm water in a spray bottle.

Once all the animals were rescued and Coco was done playing, we matched them to the arctic printables included in the curriculum.

For more activities like this fun arctic sensory bin, check out the at-home preschool curriculum by KidsPlayTricks.

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