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Monster Learning Activities for Preschoolers | Diving Into the KidsPlayTricks Monster Unit!

Monster Learning Activities for Preschoolers | Diving Into the KidsPlayTricks Monster Unit!

Nothing says October is here more than fun, silly Monster Learning Activities for Preschoolers! That’s why we are so excited to be diving into the Monster Unit of the Kids Play Tricks Curriculum! There are so many great ideas and little gems in this unit that will keep your kiddo engaged and learning!

Follow along with us all month and we’ll show you some of these awesome activities, as well as some of our own tips and tricks.

Loving these activities?

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1. Icy Googly Eye Rescue and Sort!

For this activity, we combined a few fun ideas from the curriculum and added the jello to extend the play and make “monster stew.”

We froze googly eyes in these super cute monster molds and added a little food coloring. Then, we made jello inside our flisat table container and added a few fun Halloween creepy toys.

Monster Unit

The cold jello plus the ice cubes made this a very chilly sensory bin!

We used water and salt to melt the cubes. Once we rescued them, we delivered them to our monsters!

We practiced number recognition and counting out the googly eyes for each little monster cut-out (we laminated ahead of time so we can continue to use them).

2. Pom Pom Monster Color Feed!

Color Pom Pom Sort

For our second activity, we chose a Feed the Monster Pom Pom Sort. Within this curriculum, this activity is suggested with paper bags, however we did not have any and decided to use plastic solo cups instead. We quickly made cut outs and prepared a tray of pom poms.

Pom Pom Color Tray
Pom pom tray and tongs

To spice things up, extend play, and work on balance skills, we added an obstacle course!

We love these stepping stones from Special Supplies! They stack well for easy storing, too!

3. Monster Ink Blot Art

This Activity was such a quick and simple set up! We decided to combine the activity with the curriculum’s suggested book, Monsters Love Colors. We did the same color combinations in the book, which turned out to be such a fun learning experience.

Once our ink blots were dried, we took some fun, crafty loose parts and encouraged Coco to make her monsters!

The googly eyes, as always, were a big hit! They presented such a great fine motor challenge when picking them up and placing them.

4. Monster Teeth Count

As we are finishing up our Monster Unit from the @kidsplaytricks curriculum, we wanted to highlight this cute Monster Teeth Counting activity. We made a giant die and put some cute little monsters on contact paper. Coco rolled the die and practiced counting out teeth with some help from mom.

Perform activities recommended by Walk, Talk, Play at your own risk with appropriate adult supervision provided. Walk, Talk, Play is not responsible for any injury caused while performing these play activities. 

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