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Mr. Potato Head Pretend Play Sensory Bin

Mr. Potato Head Pretend Play Sensory Bin

We had so much fun combining sensory play, fine motor skills and pretend play with this Mr. Potato Head “Operation”-inspired sensory bin. We used tongs and grabbers to retrieve Mr. Potato parts to put him together and followed up with a doctor check up.


  • Mr. Potato Head by PlaySkool Hasbro
  • Playfoam (on the left) and Pfluffle (on the right), both by Educational Insights
  • A Doctor’s Kit
  • Tongs found on Amazon
  • 3 Prong Tongs by Learning Resources (note, these are great for older kiddos ~4+, who are starting to work on proper pencil grasp)
  • Poster Board

Nest your potato pieces in the Playfoam and place your potato and doctor kit pieces in a separate bin.

Mr. Potato Head Bin 2

Cover the right side with a sensory bin filler of your choice (we chose Pfluffle).

Mr. Potato Head Bin 3

The “Operation-like” picture with cut outs is an optional piece to this play bin that obviously takes a bit more time. (Coco’s mommy likes to draw). However without it, your child will still be working on the same purposeful play components, so don’t worry if you want to skip this step!

Mr Potato Head Play

Insider’s Tip:

We’ve been using pretend doctor play as a good excuse to practice wearing a mask.

For more tips on choosing a mask and helping your child wear a mask check out these blog articles by our pal @thepediatricianmom Krupa Playforth, MD.

Mr Potato Head Play 2

Mr. Potato Head Provides lot of language opportunities including discussing body parts/facial features. You can start simple and say “Can you find the Potato’s eyes?” Or give hints like, “This potato can’t see! What does he need?”

Watch Coco as she compares Potato Head to her Grandpa!

We hope you liked our Potato Head Sensory Bin! For more ideas on pretend play and fine motor skills integrated into sensory play check out these other bins we made:

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