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Painter’s Tape Activities for Preschoolers

Painter’s Tape Activities for Preschoolers

Our All-Star Toy of the month of January is Painter’s Tape. There are so many activities you can do with this budget friendly item. Here are 5 painter’s tape activities for preschoolers that help facilitate big body movements, fine motor skills, and gets them talking!

1. Encourage Gross Motor Movements and Balance Challenges:

There are a ton of opportunities to use tape to encourage balance and gross motor movements. Kiddos can practice walking on tape, side stepping, jumping over tape or to different targets.

Painters tape balance
Work on standing on the painter’s tape. Your little can work on holding this pose or walking heel to toe.
painter's tape balance 2
Holding your balance in a “heel to toe” position is a great balance challenge. Try it yourself.

Tape can be a great target to jump over. This little is just learning how to jump forward. For more advanced friends, do several lines, make a trail to follow, or work on hopping on one leg.

Use a hallway to create a fun “spider web” obstacle course. Your child can pretend to be a spy, bending and stepping over the tape. This activity is great for working on balance, strength, and spatial awareness.

painter's tape wall maze

Check out our All-Star Miss Mila motor planning and problem solving her way through this maze!

2. Encourage Strong Fingers by Wrapping Up Toys
painter's tape fine motor skills 1
Painter's tape fine motor skills 2

Wrap little toys up in tape so your child can help “save” the dinosaurs or animals. You can practice naming them once the toys are revealed and even sort them by color or type of toy.

3. Scavenger Hunt
Painter's tape Dino rescue
Painter's tape Dino rescue 2

Painter's tape Dino rescue 3

Tape up little toys all over the house and go on a big scavenger hunt.

Here we’ve taped items under the table. This activity promotes lots of healthy core and shoulder strengthening.

4. Sort Items by Shapes or Colors
Painter's tape shape sort

Have your little sort shapes! You can start basic with one or two shapes and increase as their knowledge grows.

Too easy? Go on a hunt for items around the house like a ball or TV remote that may fit into a category.

Lots of opportunities for interaction and speech development!

5. Drive and Race Cars Around the House!
Painter's tape car

Build roads on tables or floors. Your child can practice driving. Work on words and concepts like “Fast!”, “Slow”, “Stop”, and “Go”!

Build simple start and finish lines to have fun races around the house. Today we used one of our favorites, Melissa and Doug’s Pull Back Town Vehicles (see below on Amazon).

We hope you find these painter’s tape activities for preschoolers fun and helpful. Comment below if you have any fun “go-to” activities for painter’s tape. Happy playing!


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