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Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Nature November continues with these simple and fun pinecone bird feeders. All you need is pinecones, peanut butter, bird seed, and string or twine. We suggest tying the string or twine before you spread on the goodies.

This activity is great for helping your preschoolers to learn to sequence multiple steps, as well as using hands together to stabilize the pinecone while spreading the peanut butter and sprinkling the bird seed. You can also talk about what you’re doing (e.g., dipping, spreading, sprinkling) and describe the various materials (e.g., sticky, creamy, sharp, etc.) as you build, then retell your steps when you’re done (e.g., First we tied string onto the pinecone, then we spread peanut butter all over it. It was sticky!).

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