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Pre-Literacy Skills in Preschool: Where to Start

Pre-Literacy Skills in Preschool: Where to Start

Set your little one up for reading success by building a strong foundation of pre-literacy skills in the preschool years! We all know that children need to know the alphabet and have exposure to letters from a young age, but it’s also SO important for them to be able to hear, understand, and play with speech sounds.

Playing simple games with sounds and words early on to build phonological awareness will play a large part in supporting your child’s learning-to-read journey!

Below are some examples (not an exhaustive list) of what skills to practice and when!

If you’re looking for more fun and easy ways to practice pre-literacy skills with your preschooler, check out All About Sounds, a fantastic resource from Literacy For Littles!

Looking for More?

For helpful tips on reading with your little one, check out our Storytime Series by Miss Shawn!

Storytime Series

For Book Suggestions, check out our Amazon Shop, as well as our “Books We Love” section.

Also, you can check out some of the following activities that can help promote Pre-Literacy learning and skill building for ideas to do with your kiddo!

Alphabet Bean Bag Hopscotch: Here we used Letter Bean Bags by Educational Insights and took our play outdoors to match letters with chalk.

Alphabet Bean Bag Hopscotch

Alphabet Matching Egg Smash: We got silly and messy with an ABC Egg Smash!

ABC Egg Smash

ABC Egg Smash 2

Word Sound Scavenger Hunt: We did a scavenger hunt around the house to match objects to word sounds using our Bjorem Sound Cue Cards!

Speech Sound Hunt

Perform activities recommended by Walk, Talk, Play at your own risk with appropriate adult supervision provided. Walk, Talk, Play is not responsible for any injury caused while performing these play activities. 

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