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Preschool Cotton Ball Craft |Doggy

Preschool Cotton Ball Craft  |Doggy

To celebrate International Dog Day, we decided to do a little something to celebrate our Doggy Boba. This Cotton Ball Craft is perfect for Preschool aged kiddos (2-5), and can be adapted easily to be anything you’d like. You can make a sheep, a cloud, Santa Claus, or come up with your own.

Our doggy Boba just happens to be a white, fluffy labradoodle!

Cotton Ball Craft 1


  • Poster Board or Cardboard
  • Contact Paper
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Cotton Balls
Cotton Ball Craft 2

Next, simply draw an outline of whatever you’d like, cut the outline with scissors, and fill in the empty space with sticky contact paper. You can always add more details to the contact paper if you’d like.

Cotton Ball Craft 3

For this Cotton Ball Craft we got a little creative and decided to use it as an opportunity to work on strengthening foot muscles and single limb balance. Here you can find other ideas for working on balance.

Watch as Coco grabs the cotton balls with her toes and works to balance to place it on the doggy.

Cotton Ball Craft 4

You can also keep it simple, and decorate with your hands. Pull the cotton balls apart to cover more area and work on strengthening those hand muscles and fine motor skills!

Talk Tip: While playing you can work on counting the cotton balls, describing how they feel, or helping your little one describe where they need to place the cotton balls. You can also give just a few cotton balls so that your kiddo has opportunities to request “More, please!”

See! An exact match. We don’t think Boba was very amused by our Preschool Cotton Ball Craft, but we had fun making it!


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