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Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Ideas| Blog Series: All About Me

Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Ideas| Blog Series: All About Me

To say this has been a challenging year for most parents is quite a laughable understatement! Due to Covid-19, we have spent almost a year making big decisions and judgement calls for ourselves and our family. One very common decision that parents of little ones are facing is “when and how to start preschool”?

Because of the current circumstances, more and more parents are taking on the task of homeschooling their children. For our parents of little ones (2-4), this can be quite an intimidating undertaking! Children in this age range have limited attention spans, lower tolerance for virtual school, require one on one engagement, and learn through our favorite thing…you guessed it, PLAY!

This is why we are so excited to announce that we will be doing a Homeschool Preschool Blog Series for the next 3 months!

We’ve got our hands on the Play-Based At-Home Preschool Curriculum by Kids Play Tricks and we LOVE it!

Preschool Home School Blog Series:

The Play Tricks Curriculum is currently comprised of 19 units, broken into 2 weeks each. It comes with book recommendations that correspond with each unit and ~3-4 activities that cover an extensive variety of skills (including sensory play, art, alphabet knowledge, oral language, shapes, etc). It is all play based and we love that it implements lots of movement and language practice!

Each week we will be posting and sharing some of our activities that we’ve done (with some WTP-tweeks and Insider Tips here and there!). We welcome you to come learn and play with us and really hope you enjoy it.

Unit 1: All About ME!

As an introduction we decided to start with Unit 1: “All About Me!”.

We read the recommended book I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson, with emphasis on the word “Me”, and the “M” sound. We’ve been talking Pre-Literacy skill building all through the month of September. See our article by out amazing SLP Miss Shawn: “Pre-Literacy Skills: Start With Sounds” for more.

Next was Scavenger Hunt time! We drew a big “M” and a little “m” and placed it on the wall and hid corresponding Post-Its throughout the house.

WTP Tip:

In a small space? Add obstacles like hurdles or couch cushions to increase level of difficulty. You can’t see it here, but we added a large couch cushion under the M poster board to work on step ups!

We love a vertical surface for core and shoulder strengthening. Use them any chance you get!

For fun we took some prints that were going unused in the house and made a “Me” collage. To extend the play we added some stickers of her favorite things.

We had a great time with these activities and can’t wait to jump into the Monster Unit (it is October next month, so it’s an obvious move)!

We highly recommend you check out this curriculum and stay tuned for more play-based learning fun!

Looking for more resources to help your kiddo with play? Check out these other resources:

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Perform activities recommended by Walk, Talk, Play at your own risk with appropriate adult supervision provided. Walk, Talk, Play is not responsible for any injury caused while performing these play activities. 

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