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Pumpkin GeoBoard Activity

Pumpkin GeoBoard Activity

Consider this our friendly reminder not to toss out your pumpkins at the end of this season. Instead, turn them into an opportunity for some fun play-based learning! Our Pumpkin Geoboard Activity is such an easy activity to set up with your little one and provides practice on visual motor skills, number or letter recognition, fine motor skills, and strengthening fingers and arms.

Pumpkin Geoboard Materials


Pumpkin GeoBoard Numbers


For this activity we chose numbers; however you can choose whatever is interesting, motivating, and appropriate for your child. You can use letters and encourage your child to hammer in ABC order, or identify letters in their name. Get creative! Is your child just into hammering? Let them take the lead.

Kiddos can practice poking the golf tee in before hammering.

Provide help as needed! Especially in the beginning if this is a new activity.

Once done hammering, you’ve got yourself a GeoBoard! You can challenge your kiddo to connect the bands in order, or better yet, let them get creative and make their own designs!

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We hope you enjoyed our Pumpkin GeoBoard Activity!

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