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Speech Sound Sensory Bin |Practicing Pre-Literacy Skills

Speech Sound Sensory Bin |Practicing Pre-Literacy Skills

Has your child been showing interest in learning about letters and the sounds they make? Consider making a Speech Sound Sensory Bin! We took some of our favorite mini objects from Speech Tree Co and froze them in a mini muffin pan. We practiced breaking them free from the ice and sorting them by their sounds.


  • Muffin Pan or Ice Mold
  • Food Coloring for Colorful Play
  • Mini Objects (or small toys/trinkets you may have that start with common sounds)
  • Tools for breaking or melting ice (we used salt, water, squirt gun, and a hammer)
  • Letter and Phonics Bean Bags by Educational Insights (or any other object/visual to represent the sounds you are sorting)

Place the mini objects in the muffin tin or ice molds; add water and food coloring for fun, then freeze them!

Speech Sound Sensory Bin Set Up

Set up your table or sensory bin. This bin is a Flisat Table from Ikea. Get creative with different ways your kid(s) can break through the ice. We used warm water, salt, a hammer, and a squirt gun.

Once frozen, add to table, and watch as your kiddo(s) problem solve and come up with creative ways to save the toys!

Speech Sound Sensory Bin save the toys

Name the toys and help your little one match and sort them by the first sound they hear in the word. They might need some grown-up help at first, but this is a great way to practice sound awareness, letter-sound correspondence, build vocabulary, and work on tricky sounds.

For pre-literacy activities like this Speech Sound Sensory Bin, it’s helpful to provide kiddos with visuals, and our Alphabet and Phonics Bean Bags from Educational Insights did the trick! 

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