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Toy Story Sensory Bin

Toy Story Sensory Bin

Does your little one love Toy Story? Well, this Toy Story Sensory Bin was easy to throw together and is sure to be a hit! We’ve combined tactile exploration and functional play with an opportunity to work on fine motor skills.

Materials We Used:

We used our Ikea Flisat Table for our bin. You can find that here.

Toy Story Sensory Bin Water Beads
Toy Story Sensory Bin Piggy

This bin provided fun tactile play via water beads, with some fine motor skill practice.

Coco has had lots of practice inserting coins into a piggy bank, so we used this play as an opportunity to introduce a new skill! Watch as she practices picking up multiple coins with one hand and manipulating the coins within her hand to just drop one in. Look at her focus!

Don’t Have a Piggy Bank?

You can still work on the same skills with your kiddo without one, you’ll just need to get creative with what you have at home!

Check out this Button Monster Bin we put together working on a similar skill- just cut slits in cardboard! To increase the difficulty, cut the slits in different angles so your kiddo has to work to orient the coin or button.

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